Our Team

Tim Scott

Sr. Talent Advisor  General Industrial and Food/Beverage Manufacturing 

Tim started with the MRI Network in 2011, specializing in Manufacturing. He has attained a comprehensive background in Manufacturing and Industrial Sales, through years of hands-on experience. Tim has served in various Sales Management and Marketing positions in his previous careers.
His background in Project Management, Planning and Problem Solving solutions, allows him to provide valuable experience as a Senior Talent Advisor through the correct process to source top-tier talent within today’s hiring landscape. He is dedicated to his clients and fully aligns with their needs and goals. Tim specializes in General Industrial as well as the Food/Beverage Manufacturing arenas. Some of his career recruiting accomplishments include: 5 time Pacesetter, Top 10 National Finish Award (Top 3 World Ranking/2018), Top Midwest Biller, $2.5M+ Lifetime Biller.
Tim’s career background guided his transition, as he joined the industry’s most dynamic Recruiting Network. His goals align with those of Management Recruiters of Lancaster, one of the most important being; “Providing services our clients can trust and rely on, through our years of practiced experience.”