Logistics and Warehouse Manager

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Logistics/Warehouse Manager

Houston, TX area (no relo)

  • Background in working with raw materials and managing multiple 3PL’s. Held weekly calls and focused on forecasting, the amount of materials the company had, their production and operation schedules, etc. Understands the operation of inventory and warehousing on the other side of things which makes him a very strategic and knowledge addition.
  • Designed a training program to steer employee development efforts by transforming process support technicians into plant operators which allowed 24-hour coverage for the plant production team
  • Very strong within Root Cost Analysis (RCA) and tracked down $1.2M in inventory reconciliation after tracing everything back to the operators at the warehouse not reporting the correct poundage. They were rounding the batches coming in. Developed key KPI’s and metrics for their logistics group within shipping and receiving to make sure that everything is accurate!